Foscam FI8918W

* Foscam FI8918W Wireless IP Camera User Review

If you are looking for a user friendly wireless IP camera, which can record quality videos, Foscam FI8918W is one of the best options available in the market to consider. It comes along with an array of impressive features such as motion alert notifications, pan and tilt capabilities, two-way communication, cloud or PC storage and IT night time vision. In addition, people who spend their money on Foscam FI8918W will be provided with many different mounting options as well. Therefore, you can either use it as a baby monitor or as a surveillance camera.Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens

The two-way communication that can be found in this wireless IP camera have made it a perfect baby monitor. You can simply talk to your kid at home and listen to what he/she says. This feature can be found in nanny cams, but you will not be able to find it in a traditional surveillance camera. Therefore, this can be considered as an excellent two-in-one product. In fact, it could give peace of mind to you when you are out of home. As mentioned earlier, Foscam FI8918W comes along with different mounting options as well. In other words, you can simply mount it on your ceiling or wall. However, you will need to configure live video settings before you mount it on your ceiling. If you are mounting it on a ceiling, you should turn on MIRROR and FLIP options through the settings to display videos right way up.

Foscam FI8918W is compatible with Wi-Fi and you can easily pair it up with your router at home. All the configuration instructions are provided along with the package and you just need to follow them. If you Foscam FI8918W Wireless IP Camera (back)don’t have a Wi-Fi router at home, you don’t need to worry about anything because you can simply connect it to an Ethernet cable. It is important to keep in mind that Foscam FI8918W does not
have a dedicated slot for storage. Therefore, you will only be able to save captured videos on a personal computer.

The alert notifications provided by this wireless IP camera have received a lot of attention. In fact, the camera triggers a notification when a motion is detected under its field of view. You can receive the notification via SMS or email. In addition, you will be provided with a video recording of the specific instance, so you will be able to get to know what has actually happened. The pan and tilt functionalities make it a perfect nanny camera because you are provided with the opportunity to follow the movements of your little one at home. The 67 degree field of view offered by this camera is quite impressive. If you are looking for a versatile surveillance camera, Foscam FI8918W would be one of the best options available out there in the market. You can also think about using it as a nanny camera whenever you want.Foscam FI8918W Best Wireless IP Camera (back)


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