Zmodo PKD-DK4216 Internet & 3G Phone Accessible with 4 Night Vision Cameras and 500GB HD Review

Zmodo PKD-DK4216 Internet & 3G Phone Accessible with 4 Night Vision Cameras and 500GB HD Review

The Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB is a surveillance system 4Ch DVR with H.265 video compression technology and can be accessed remotely through Internet Explorer on the PC and a number of smartphones, with Android and iOS operating systems. The DVR includes a pre-installed 500GB hard drive with a simple point and click interface. It also has network access, VGA video output and a USB2.0 backup.

Included in the package are:


  • 1 4Ch H.264 DVR with 500GB hard drive
  • 4 indoor/outdoor colour and IR night vision cameras at a resolution of 600TVL
  • 4 60ft video + power all-in-one cables for security cameras
  • 1 power supply for security cameras
  • 1 DVR power supply
  • 1 user manual.


Key Features


  • There are numerous key features worth talking about when it comes to this surveillance system.
  • The Downloadable Zviewer App
  • The downloadable Zviewer App allows users to remotely monitor from any place with Internet connection. This means, when you go on vacation, you can easily access the camera to see what is going on at your home, office or wherever you have the cameras installed.
  • Motion Detection Technology
  • Motion detection technology allows users to receive instant alerts and snapshots, whilst other notifications include loss of video and a full hard disk. Included in the DVR are the standard H.264 video compression technology and a 500GB SATA HD that is capable of continuous recording for up to a week at 30fps.
  • Playback on the PC Monitor or Television
  • The outputs available on the DVR allow playback on a PC monitor or TV, with multiple display options available, whilst also backup important footage onto a flash drive.
  • Automatic Categorizing Makes it Easy to Find Footage
  • Automatic categorizing of incident footage allows them to be easily found.
  • Waterproof Cameras
  • The cameras are weatherproof and fitted with IR LEDs for night vision up to 30ft. The 600TVL resolution provides high definition and clear video, and the 6mm lens provides long-range zoom capabilities. The product comes with a 2 year warranty and technical support via the manufacturers website, email or phone.

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Pros and cons


The App is Great and Alerts Are Nice


The app is great for busy users who are on the go. Alerts and notifications for motion detection and other issues remove the need for constant monitoring.


Easy to Use


The DVR has a standard video compression technology and is easy to use with the external controls, although is only IE compatible. Not great for Mac users.


Different Outputs


The different output provided gives the benefit of choice for playback viewing. The pre-installed HD is definitely a plus point.

 The Resolution


The cameras have a 6mm lens but the resolution of 600TVL limits the ability for a clear image in far range.


Night Vision

The night vision is good for short distances, but far objects are not clear. The ability to search for recorded footage by date and time is very convenient and another plus point.


Customer Support is Available

A user manual is given and technical support via the web, phone and email is great for inexperienced customers.

Honest review and opinion

This is definitely a best buy considering the quality of the cameras, capability of the DVR, remote viewing, alert options and technical support by the manufacturer. The package allows users to install and operate out of the box. In my honest opinion, if you are in need of a surveillance camera, this is a good one.

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