D-Link Wireless Day and Night Network Surveillance Camera with mydlink-Enabled Review

D-Link Wireless Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera with mydlink-Enabled Review

A quick out of the box and ready to use Day/Night Wi-Fi camera with product number DCS-932L that can be instantly used for the home or office. The product is mydlink enabled for viewing of footage online, either on a PC or a smartphone with Android, iOS or select Windows operating systems anytime and anywhere. The camera has wireless connectivity; with dimensions of 7.2 x 4.5 x 3.6 with weight 3.4 ounces.

Key Features

  • This camera has numerous key features that we would like to tell you about.
  • VGA Resolution and Live Video Can Be Accessed Online
  • The camera has a VGA resolution. Live video feed can be easily viewed and operated when there is Internet connectivity through mydlink.com on a computer and also via the mydlink Lite app available for smartphones.
  • The App Has a lot of Features Within Itself
  • The App lets users do a number of things remotely such as pan; tilt and pinch-zoom the live video, whilst also receive alerts and notifications when movement is detected.
  • No Subscription Fees Involved
  • There are no additional payment or subscription fees. The camera also has night vision capabilities of up to 16ft and because of wireless connectivity, and can be placed most about around the home or office.

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Pros and cons

Comes from a Reputable Company

The manufacturer is a reputable company.

Camera Resolution

The resolution of the camera is VGA, below HD quality. Although image quality is moderately clear, far zoomed in images will seem pixelated and objects and faces may be indistinguishable.

Easy to Install

The camera stand allows it to be easily placed without any hassle of installation. There is minimal setup effort associated with this product and can be easily connected to the network with good range. No previous knowledge of surveillance systems is required.

Offers Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring via the computer or smartphone App, that accommodates multiple operating systems is great and gives the user freedom to view and operate the camera.

Pretty Cool Interface

The interface is great, allowing users to control multiple things such as refresh rate, resolution, saturation, brightness, contrast and even the LED light on the front of the camera. Multiple cameras can also be generously added to the network with minimal hassle.

Internet Connection Required

One major disadvantage is that Internet connection is required for footage viewing and there is no local recording.

Can Only Be Used Indoors

In addition, the camera can only be placed indoors. This can be a problem for many users without Internet or need footage saved for later viewing. The AC power cord of 4ft is also moderately short and an inconvenience.

As an added bonus, motion detection and instant alerts will prevent the need for constant monitoring.


Honest review and opinion

For the price tag, this product is a good buy for general home (such as baby monitoring) or office surveillance. It is suited for consumers that desire little installation or operational needs, although an Internet connection is required. For consumers that need long hours of high quality footage stored locally and categorized, this product is not recommended. The same goes for others whom need surveillance in large or outdoor settings. D-Link is a reliable brand and offers great products, such as this one. Consumer preference would be the largest factor in choosing this product.

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