VideoSecu 2 x Outdoor Wide Angle Home Surveillance Security Cameras Review

VideoSecu 2 x Outdoor Wide Angle Home Surveillance Security Camera Review

If you’re looking for a high quality camera for decent outdoor surveillance.

The VideoSecu 2 x Wide Angle Outdoor Home Security Camera can be a great pick.

Equipped with 1/3 inches CCD and a good DSP image sensor. This product provides you outstanding video footages both during the day and night. The 3.6 mm lens offers wide angle viewing, allowing you to clearly view distant objects. Apart from that, the 28 IR LEDs, 420 TV line and advanced light sensors makes this product a great buy. Keep reading, to know more about the features as well as the advantages of using the product.

It has arrived, the VideoSecu 2 x Outdoor Wide Angle Home Surveillance Security Camera!

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Currently, this camera is available in a shade of steel grey.

The VideoSecu security camera is a great device for outdoor surveillance. In fact, this is one of the most viable products from the brand. It comes with awesome features like wide angle viewing and high-end resolution of 420 TV line.

The resolution of this camera is extremely high end. With the 420 TV lines you can view distinct and consistent video footages. On top of that, the device also comes equipped with a proper lens of 3.6 mm which assists in the wide angle viewing function. With this feature, you can view almost any and every object consistently, even at a distant angle.

The camera is weatherproof. Thus, you can easily get it installed outdoors, with no worries of the weather. The structure is robust therefore it will keep the device safe from daily wear and tear.

The camera also comes with high end IR cut filters. This aids in proper image viewing both during the day and night. The night vision is specifically fitted with 28 IR LEDs, making it perfect.

The VideoSecu 2 x Outdoor Wide Angle Home Surveillance Security Camera, comes with a series of smart and practicable features.

The camera is equipped with 1/3 inches CCD in addition to also having a proper color DSP image sensor. This provides images in high resolution. The 420TV line resolution and 3.6mm lenses also aid in this regard.

The device correspondingly comes equipped with proper weatherproof housing. The housing protects it from dust or water, when utilized outdoors.

The 28 IR LEDs provides for outstanding night vision. These LEDs allow you to distinctly view the distant objects. The 0 lux with the IR LEDs minimizes all kinds of grains and inconsistencies in the image. So if you want to view clear high quality images during day or night, this security camera can be the solution.

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Pros of using this security camera

There are many benefits when using this camera. Whether it is the quick installation, exceptional night vision, wide angle viewing or even proper weatherproof structure. This camera will surely live up to your expectations, with the innumerable advantages it comes with.

  • Awesome resolution

This camera offers impeccable resolution. With 420TV line of resolution, you can easily view correct, glitch free high definition images. The images will be free from grains and will also be awesome in quality. This device is also equipped with 1.3 inches of CCD and the color DSP image sensor. With these features, you can easily view true-to-life video footages. The footages will record every minute detail of the object, thereby making it easier for you to identify them.

  • Reliable day and night surveillance

The day and night surveillance offered by this camera is indeed reliable. The 28 infrared LEDs light up a considerably large area, thus allowing you view objects distinctly, even during night time. With this feature you can view vivid color videos during the day and glitch free black and white videos during the night.

  • Wide angle viewing

Most of the popular cameras fail to live up to our expectations because of the low angle viewing. However, unlike the rest, this camera provides outstanding wide angle viewing with its 3.6mm lens. This lens can be adjusted from time to time, in order to get the best suitable view.

  • Great mounting

The camera also provides an awesome feature for mounting. The device comes equipped with an additional mounting bracket that provides support during mounting. With this bracket, you can easily mount the device on walls, ceilings and all flat surfaces. Making it ideal for home or office use.

  • Equipped with the automatic light sensor

Another remarkable advantage of using this camera is the automatic light sensor it comes with. This advanced sensor lets you automatically switch from monochrome shades in the day, to low and ambient light during night time. This indeed enhances the image quality, allowing you to have a look at the finest superiority of images.

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor installation

The camera is equipped with a weatherproof coating, therefore it is protected from water, dust and any kind of crush. The glass coating itself; is crush resistant. The body of the camera is well built and its size is relatively small. Consequently, you can easily install the camera at the front/back door, docks, your parking zones and even the driveway.

Cons of the device

  • There is no major disadvantage of using this camera.

Customer Satisfaction

This camera is pretty popular among the customers because of its flexible features and smart structure. Most have said they are quite happy with its features and workings. The weight of the device is around 7 pounds which is on the higher side, but this does not impede its performance.

The package of the device comes with 2 CCD cameras, 2 high quality metal brackets for the mounting, 2 stickers for security warning and two 12V DC 500mA power. This camera is weatherproof as well as resistant to water. This device comes with an adjustable mount.

Final Verdict

All in all, if you are looking for security cameras that will provide flawless day and night time surveillance, this device from the range of Videosecu can be a perfect option. So get your VideoSecu 2 x Outdoor Wide Angle Home Surveillance Security Camera today.

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