Q-See QCN7005B 720p High Definition Weatherproof IP Bullet Camera Review

* Q-See QCN7005B 720p High Definition Weatherproof IP Bullet Camera Review

The Q-See 720p High definition camera is one of the best weatherproof, IP bullet cameras from this brand. The camera comes with HD video quality, thus it allows you to check even the minute details of the footage. Apart from that, it is also equipped with remote viewing, permitting you to check the footage with a single tap on your phone. The build of the device is strong, by this means it a perfect for outdoor installations. All in all, if you want a security camera that will provide you exceptional performance, this HD IP bullet camera can be a great option.

The Q-See QCN7005B 720p High Definition Weatherproof IP Bullet Camera is a small and easy to operate device.

Due to this relatively small size, installing the camera is pretty easy both in indoor as well as outdoor. The device has a weight of three pounds that further aids in the installation. The shipping weight is 5.2 pounds.

Currently, it is available in white.

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This product is one of the best security cameras from Q-See. The technology used is of the highest standard, offering so much. It is color rich and comes with 1305X1039 pixel image quality. So, you can easily view objects in an amazing resolution with this security camera. The High definition 720p enhances the quality of image, while aiding you to enjoy an outstanding vision.

The camera provides exceptional day and night vision.

During the night time, you can view things at a distance of 100 feet. The objects won’t be rough thereby providing you with glitch free and consistent images. The structure of the camera is made of a sturdy aluminum, thus it is also another remarkable aspect of the camera. This sturdy structure makes it easier to install in all possible locations. It also makes the device resistant to the basic wear and tear.

The camera comes with a plethora of features that make it downright handy, but moreover practical to use. The most remarkable of its benefits, are the 720p high resolution. This high-end resolution enhances while also maximizing the quality of image. Therefore allowing you to view all objects with utmost precision.

The device is also equipped with a good set of infrared filters. These filters are pretty handy in permitting you to view proper footages, during the day and the night. The daytime footage delivers correct, undistorted colors while at night, you can view objects distinctly. Even over a distance of 100 meters.

You can also enjoy remote viewing with this device. The camera comes with the mobile phone surveillance feature. With this feature, you can have a look at the videos from your mobile phones or tablets. All that you’ve got to do is, enter your security ID and password. This security camera is also compatible with MAC and PC.

The Q-See QCN7005B 720p High Definition Weatherproof IP Bullet Camera is ideal for you!

Very often, we tend to get worked up with outdoor installations of a security camera. However, this camera will give you no such hassle. This device is weatherproof additionally its lenses will also be safe under all weather conditions. The build of the camera is resilient, consequently aiding in safe outdoor installation.

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Pros of the security camera

There are innumerable reasons why you should splurge in this device. Herewith the most important.

  • Impeccable image quality

The color rich image quality is probably the best aspect of this device. It comes equipped with a resolution of 1305X1039 pixels that provides you grain free, consistent along with color-rich video footages. The High definition 720p maximizes the quality of the footage, thus letting you easily identify people, license boards, currencies and every other littler detail. The device comes with pure and glitch free digital signal. This gives you the ability to monitor your properties with perfect detail as well as distinctness.

  • IR filters provide exceptional day and night vision

The camera also comes equipped with a set of effective IR filters. The IR filters provide accurate image color both during the day but furthermore also in ambient lighting conditions. In fact, you can enjoy night time vision of up to 100 feet. The automatic white balance also improves the clarity of the image, accordingly providing exceptional day and night vision.

  • Dual Encoded streams

This device comes equipped with dual encoded streaming, that provide decent streaming signal even with low bandwidth devices such as Smartphones or tablets. The maximum frame rate of the camera is 30fps, which permits you to enjoy smooth playing of live and recorded video.

  • Easy and safe installation

This camera is made of aluminum. This in turn, makes the installation quick and safe as well. The weatherproof and rustproof structure makes it a perfect product for either indoor or outdoor installation. Apart from this, the camera also comes equipped with a vertical 3 axis bracket that lets you mount the camera on any flat surface. This furthermore provides wide angle viewing.

  • Easy to stream

This device is found to be quite viable, due to it’s easy to stream feature. The cameras pre-equipped webserver lets you stream, and share a video without any direct NVR connection. It has so many benefits to offer.

Cons of the device

  • The remote viewing feature of the camera is undoubtedly good, but it does not work with slow internet connections. This is the only minor con of the device.

Customer Satisfaction

This camera has a 4.5 star rating out of 5. It is equipped with the auto zoom feature. Powering the camera is simple. You can easily get the device powered with the network cable which comes in the package. The camera can also be powered by plugging it to a POE router.

Final Verdict

The Q-See IP bullet security camera can be the perfect buy if you are looking for a well-powered and affordable security camera. Go for this camera to enjoy the exceptional quality footages, both during the day and night.

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