Sharx Security SCNC3905 High Definition 1080P Wired Camera Review

Sharx Security SCNC3905 High Definition 1080P Wired Camera Review

Looking for a superb outdoor HD security camera?

Well, in that case, the Sharx Security High definition SCNC3905 Camera can be a great option.

This camera is equipped with infrared vision, motion detection, 32 GB memory card, built in DVR and every other feature that you crave for in a good security. To add to the benefits it is also weatherproof, therefore installing this device outdoors can be pretty safe. All in all, the Sharx security camera is a complete package that provides you seamless video, unfaltering audio and long hours of recording right away. Read on, for a better insight on this awesome security camera.

This security camera is one of the best products from Sharx.

The product has a shipping weight of six pounds.

Currently, the camera is only available in white.

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The Sharx security camera is one of the most popular devices from the brand. The device is equipped with a full high definition 1080P. Its outdoor vision is absolutely flawless. This camera works exceptionally well on Ethernet and wireless networks. In fact, multiple viewers can easily check out the videos and snapshots of this camera.

The device is equipped with proper HTTP and RTSP steaming that are supported both by the browsers as well as media players. The option of multiple streams is also available. This will allow the users to make their pick of their preferred image quality with a single tweak.

The video footage recorded with the camera can be easily adjusted, from the high definition 1080P quality to an inferior quality, bandwidth saving, video stream it can all be done. Apart from this, the recorded video files can also be automatically uploaded to DropBox, an FTP server or a network equipped with an FTP feature. The latest version of the camera comes with a separate box for indoor, and outdoor connections.

This camera also comes with a viable mounting system.  This mounting system is adjustable in addition to being flexible. Thus, it can always be attached at the top or bottom of the device, with proper positioning and flexibility.

The Sharx Security SCNC3905 High Definition 1080P Wired Camera

The security camera comes with a series of viable and apt features which makes it an absolute necessity. It is convenient to operate and easy to install. The high definition megapixel lens is one of the best features of the camera. This lens produces spectacular and stunning video. The device is also equipped with the proper IR filters. This infrared cut night vision lets you view things in absolute darkness, up to a distance of 8 meters.

This camera is also equipped with the P2P server technology. This technology makes the installation of the device easier and quicker than other models. On top of that, accessing the videos is easily made from your PC, Mac, Linux, IPhone and even Android devices.

The structure of the security camera is also relatively strong. The device is weatherproof, so it is pretty safe for outdoor installations. Apart from this, the internal microphone coming with the device is also made to adhere to extremely high standards. The camera is also equipped with a DVR that can record for 4 entire days, of relatively low resolution videos.

Apart from the mentioned features, this camera is also equipped with some common features like motion detection, timed emails, FTP uploads and Dropbox notifications.

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Pros of using the device

  • High quality audio and video recording

There are innumerable benefits for this device. Amongst them, the most significant aspect is the high quality audio and video recording. The 1080p resolution provides exceptional and absolutely impeccable footages. On top of that, the IR filter provides brilliant, quality image even during the night.

  • Proper motion detection and longer recording time

The camera comes equipped with a Micro-SD memory card of 8 GB. This card not only helps in the storage, but also turns out to be a single DVR for proper motion detection and continuous videos. The time of recording ranges around half an hour per GB up to about 100 hours per GB. However, this is completely dependent on the video quality. This camera can ensure automatic recording of the video files to the Dropbox, an FTP server or any other network with the FTP feature.

  • Impeccable night vision

The device also offers unimpeachable as well as absolutely flawless night vision. The high end infrared LEDs allows you to catch a glimpse of things at a distance of 40 ft. The vision is clear and absolutely glitch free. Therefore, you can always take a look at the big and small details in the video with these LEDs.

  • Quick and easy installation

The device can be installed very quickly and easily. The mounting bracket aids in the installation. This bracket is adjustable and flexible. Due to this reason, you can always install the camera almost anywhere without any hassle at all. After setting up the device outside your homes, you will need internet for remote viewing. For this job you will require a router model equipped with the UPnP feature. This will ensure automatic remote viewing right away.

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Cons of the device

The only minor glitch is that the motion detection starts working when there is some sort of movement.

Customer Satisfaction

The Sharx Security SCNC3905 High Definition 1080P Wired Camera received a 4.8 stars rating out of 5. Most of the customers who have purchased this camera, are extremely satisfied with its performance. If you have any queries or experience any issues associated with the camera, you can always get in touch with the support team. This team will assist you and sort your issue without any hassle. This camera is equipped with the port forwarding feature.

Final Verdict

This camera is one of the most top notch devices from Sharx. Thus, if you want a security camera with impeccable performance and awesome features, this device is a worth a shot. Easy installation with many great features.