* PHYLINK® Bullet HD1080 Wireless IP Camera Review

The PhyLink Bullet HD1080 Wireless camera is one of the best high definition cameras you will ever come across. The 1080P offers stunning video and the impeccable infrared vision provides distinct vision up to 8 meters. The device is also extremely easy to install and can be installed both in the outdoors as well as the indoors. The P2P server technology, Waterproof IP66 and internal water resistant microphone make this device a ‘worthy buy’. Keep reading for a quick scoop on the specifications, pros and cons of this well featured device.

Product specifications

The camera is a light and portable one with a weight of less than 2.4 pounds. Due to this reason, carrying this camera and installing it is not a big hassle at all. The dimension of the device is also relatively moderate ranging around 10.5 x 3.8 x 8.5 inches. The model number of this camera is PLC-335PW and it is available in white.

Product description

If you are looking for one of the best professional home security solutions, this camera can totally fit your needs. The PHYLINK Bullet camera comes with exceptional video and audio quality. So no matter wherever you are, keeping an eye on your home or workplace is no big hassle at all.

The device is absolutely waterproof and it also comes with the IP66 certificate. This makes it easier for you to install it at any location. The method of setting-up this camera is also pretty quick and easy. It will hardly take you a few minutes to set up the entire device in and outside your home.

The connectivity of this security camera is highly compatible with leading networking units and it works flawlessly over Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

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Key features

This security spy cam is loaded with features. The most significant is the 1080 High definition megapixels lens. This lens produces flawless video footage. The infrared night vision provides vision up to a distance of 8 meters.

Installing this device is extremely easy, especially with the P2P server technology. With this high-end technology it wouldn’t even take half an hour to get the entire installation done. Right after installing it, you can always access the videos of the device from Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone or even Android.

The USP of this camera is waterproof. The device is equipped with the IP66 certificate and is perfect for outdoor installations. The internal microphone of the camera is also water resistant, thereby adding to the advantages.

This security spy camera is also equipped with the motion detection sensor and email and push notification alerts. This makes it absolutely easy for you to keep a watch on your homes and workplace with a single tap of your Smartphone. There is a built-in SD card slot, equipped with the remote playback that assists in the storage of video footage for a long time.

The device has completely compatible connectivity and it also works remarkably well with Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The WPS support of the device aids in easy and hassle free setup.

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Pros of the device

Easy set-up

Most of the customers using this device have loved it because of its relatively easy installation feature. Setting up the device is indeed very easy. All you have to do is connect the camera to the router and it will start right away. After that, simply download the app on your phone/PC; enter the login details of the camera and it will soon start working. The instruction manual coming with the device will turn out to be extremely handy in helping you with the installation.

HD videos

The videos and images recorded by this security camera are very distinct. In fact, you check every small detail and alteration in the videos with the help of this camera. The 1080 pixels resolution and automatic IR filter makes the footages even more clear. This infrared night vision lets you view things up to a distance of 8 meters even during pitch darkness. So whether it is the day or night, you will always get clear, true and flawless images/videos from this camera.

Water resistance

This device not only has a strong and robust built, but it is also resistant to water. The internal microphone is water resistant as well. Due to this reason, setting up the camera both in the interiors and the outdoors is an easy and relatively safe job.

Additional features

Apart from the mentioned features, the device also comes equipped with a series of additional benefits like ONVIF 2.0 compatibility for systems integration, NAS ready recording, Micro SD DVR with up to 128 GB of storage space, compatibility with Windows and Mac and completely free viewing software for your computer. You can also enjoy remote playback anywhere and everywhere with this device.

Questions and answers

Does this camera send emails and text messages whenever the motion trigger is activated?

The motion trigger of the camera will be activated whenever there is an unauthorized entry. However, here, you will only receive an email and no text message.

Does this camera support DNYds?

Yes. This camera supports DNYds and similar other services.

Can I access the camera without a wired or wireless router?

This camera supports standalone. However, you cannot access it without a wi-fi or a router.

Does the camera have audio when video is being recorded?

Yes. The camera does have audio even when the video is being recorded.

I have experienced a power issue while being connected with the camera. Will the camera reconnect when the power is back?

Yes. The camera will automatically reconnect when the power is back.

Final Verdict

Thus, if you are looking for a security camera that will provide you an exceptional performance and impeccable clarity in audio and video recording, this device can be a great pick.

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